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 Kitchen hood suppression systems are designed to protect a large variety of kitchen appliances. Inside the kitchen hood exhaust the nozzles of the suppression system have been installed so that when a fire is detected they will discharge wet chemicals directly over where the fire has been detected. The wet chemicals are made to put out fires quickly by starving the fire of oxygen. Once the system has detected a fire it will shut off the gas line to the appliance depriving the fire of the fuel.  



  Exit lights have to be inspected annually to make sure that they are functioning correctly. 

Recessed fire extinguisher mount


Having your fire extinguishers recessed gives your room a more stream lined look.

all fire extinguisher requirements and signage


We perform annual inspections of portable fire extinguishers as well as any maintenance that the fire extinguisher might require, such as a recharge, 6 year maintenance, and hydrostatic testing.

spray foam


KELCO Spray Technology is a West Fire Extinguisher partner!

Working with a trusted company helps to ensure that you are protected and taking proper measures for fire prevention. The law requires fire extinguishers to be serviced by a certified technician every year.

Fire Wall


 A firewall is a fire resistant structure that restricts the flow of fire from one room to another, as well as allowing the collapse of the building on either side of the wall without collapsing the wall. The firewall basically creates individual buildings within one structure. They are necessary to keep the residents of the building safe in the event of a fire and to contain the fire to limit the amount of damage done to the property.